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Since 1993, St. Mary's Caring Soup Kitchen has been a life-saver for the hungry.  We believe that food insecurity not only sickens the body but it eats away the soul, so we strive to create a pathway out of hunger by providing nutritional food while viewing each guest as a valued individual.  


St Mary's Caring Soup Kitchen is the only full-time soup kitchen in Southern Maryland. Our main mission is to provide free breakfast and lunch six days a week all year.   Over the years, thousands of people have come through our doors each with their unique story but all sharing one thing in common - hunger.   Our guests include children, struggling families, low-income elderly, the disabled, the homeless, the unemployed, and the working poor.   As the number of food-insecure individuals rises, St Mary's Caring Soup Kitchen has expanded our services to include additional 

outreach programs. 

We receive no major funding and rely solely on the support of our community. Our services are sustained through generous donations from individuals, organizations and community partners as well as the service of our dedicated volunteers.  


Did you know...

The 2018 Maryland United Way ALICE Report stated almost one third of St Mary's population would be "food insecure" by 2020.

In 2021, we served over 119,409 meals. 

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